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Smart, Simple Investing

Stock investing for everyone, everywhere, launching soon.

Invest in world-leading companies. Join the revolution.

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Start investing with £1
Some stocks are expensive - like, really expensive, with prices for the hottest tech companies at hundreds of dollars for a single share. This makes them prohibitively expensive to buy through traditional brokers, but with LoveStocks, you can invest on your own terms by buying fractional shares of every company you want.
Take Control of Your Future. It’s Easy.
Investing is not meant to be just for select few. You don't need a finance degree or a financial adviser. Just a smartphone and credit/debit card.
With a single, secure click, you can deposit from any major credit card or your checking account. No expensive middle men, no complicated processes, and no minimums required.
Invest in companies you know and love, starting from £1. With even the most modest budget, you can buy most popular stocks from all major exchanges. You, and only you, are in charge of your portfolio and the companies you invest in. Break the rules.
“Charts or it Didn’t Happen”
Don't just be an investor who dares -- be a friend that shares. Show them what the future looks like as you invest your way to security.
Safety & Security
Keeping your financial data safe and secure is something we take very seriously: bank-level, 256 bit encryption seriously. Besides holding customer funds in ring-fenced, segregated bank accounts, your funds are also insured by the UK Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), up to £50,000 (EUR 58,654).
We Are Already Global
No matter where you are, a few clicks on your smartphone are all that separate you from investing in major financial markets in the world. With LoveStocks there are no minimums, no middle men, and no MBAs required.
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Stock investing for everyone, everywhere, launching soon.